Management System support

Management Systems are the essential basis for managing HSE. Only few companies have established a fit for purpose system that is embraced by its users. If this is not well implemented the HSE culture is substandard. KC can help to realize this for you.

Process Hazard Analysis

Understanding the Hazard, Evaluating the scenario, understanding the barriers and validating they are solid enough to mitigate the risk to an acceptable low level: these steps do look simple but in practice it needs an experienced leader to facilitate this process. KC has this experience and coaching capability.

HSE Improvement Projects

HSE improvement projects can have a technical or organization character. KC have led and boost the implementation of many of such projects because it has time to fully focus on these.

Key Performance Indicators & Benchmarking

KC has a large experience in providing courses on process safety performance management. A number of new standards, including API-745, Cefic, ACCI are available. KC is using these to develop leading & lagging KPI’s for companies and use them in benchmark studies.


Explosion safety management is enforced by European legislation. The details of the ever changing legislation (ATEX 95 to become ATEX 114) requires often the use of experts to become fully compliant. KC has facilitated ATEX compliance projects, provided EVD’s and training on the subject.

Culture Change programs

HSE has to be embedded by the required safety culture. BRZO companies have been audited by the DCMR on their culture. What is a safety culture and how to establish this. KC has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with this.

HSE Due Diligence

As KC has both in-depth HSE understanding as well as business experience, it is very suitable for assisting in HSE Due Diligence to fully understand the risks, liabilities and operational hazards, when buying or selling units or businesses.